Solving Constraint Integer Programs

Interface changes between SCIP 1.1 and SCIP 1.2

New and changed callbacks

New parameters in interface methods

  • SCIPcalcMIR() in scip.h has two new parameter "mksetcoefsvalid" and "sol". The parameter "mksetcoefsvalid" stores whether the coefficients of the mixed knapsack set ("mksetcoefs") computed in SCIPlpCalcMIR() are valid. If the mixed knapsack constraint obtained after aggregating LP rows is empty or contains too many nonzero elements the generation of the c-MIR cut is aborted in SCIPlpCalcMIR() and "mksetcoefs" is not valid. The input parameter "sol" can be used to separate a solution different from the LP solution.
  • SCIPgetVarClosestVlb() and SCIPgetVarClosestVub() in scip.h have a new parameter "sol". It can be used to obtain the closest variable bound w.r.t. a solution different from the LP solution.


  • A significant change for C++ users is that all include files of SCIP automatically detect C++ mode, i.e., no extern "C" is needed anymore.

For further release notes we refer to the Release notes.