Solving Constraint Integer Programs

Interface changes between SCIP 1.2 and SCIP 2.0

New and changed callbacks

Changed interface methods


  • The NLPI library is now a separate library that is required when linking against the SCIP library. This requires changes to Makefiles that use SCIP, see the Release notes for more details.
  • We do not distinguish between block memory for the original and the transformed problem anymore. The same block memory is now used in both problem stages.
  • The usage of strong branching changed. Now, SCIPstartStrongbranch() and SCIPendStrongbranch() must be called before and after strong branching, respectively.
  • All C++ objects and constructors have a SCIP pointer, now.
  • The predefined setting files like "settings/cuts/off.set,aggressive.set,fast.set" have been replaced by interface methods like SCIPsetHeuristics(), SCIPsetPresolving(), SCIPsetSeparating(), and SCIPsetEmphasis() in scip.h and by user dialogs in the interactive shell like

    SCIP> set {heuristics|presolving|separating} emphasis {aggressive|fast|off}


    SCIP> set emphasis {counter|cpsolver|easycip|feasibility|hardlp|optimality}

For further release notes we refer to the Release notes.